Voices of Young Life Association (Genç Yaşamın Sesleri Derneği-GYSD) Kastamonu/Turkey Our organization is a non-profit NGO which is located in an emigrant city with rural / semi-rural employment problems, social and financial disadvantages. Young people in our city with its 19 districts have little opportunities to discover their potential and use it for their personal development. We help in the integration of the youngsters and in our city, Kastamonu,  into the European Union's system, helping them to take an active part in social issues, supporting their active citizenship behaviours to become a responsible citizen in the European Union.

Our members (besides some adult supporters) are high school, university students, and other older youth whose purpose is to create a community where they can freely express themselves and where they can feel themselves as key persons in solving social problems.

We are active in youth work and youth projects since 2009. We are currently sending and coordinating organization in EVS. On the other hand we are the only Eurodesk contact point in Kastamonu. 

We are in good relationship with primary schools, high schools and university also, we regularly hold presentations for the youth in Kastamonu about youth projects, culture, social work and life, healthcare, psychological trainings and career advances. We are working with people with fever opportunities. 

Our Role in Digital Timelines Project

As a youth association we have been working on EU projects since 2009. We have taken part international youth exchanges, European voluntary service projects and adult learning projects concerning intergenerational learning processes. We are willing to contribute to this project with our young volunteers who are enthusiastic about taking part in a social responsibility act. We have good connection with the youth in university and high schools in our city. Through our young potential we would like to reach old people with dementia who are possibly the family members or neighbours of our youngsters. On the other hand we have signed cooperation protocols with Directorate of National Education and Governorship of Kastamou EU Projects and Coordination Centre. These two institutions provide us expert support in certain specific areas such as health, finance, agriculture, education and so on. We are going to use these cooperation to include health institutions into this project. Actually we managed to include Directorate of Public Health and Nursing Home by this way already. On the other hand we have Facebook, twitter and Youtube accounts and a website to promote the project.


Mr. Mehmet Şanlı


Mobile: +90 505 792 38 59

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  /  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Association website: www.gencyasaminsesleri.org


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