"Studiefrämjandet I Södra Dalarna is a non-profit adult education organisation operating in the central part of Sweden. It is a non-government organisation, but partly financed by the National Government and Municipalities.

Studiefrämjandet works primarily with non-formal adult education, the main focus of our work in areas connected to our 18 member organisations. Among these organisations is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SNF), the National Federation of Swedish 4H, the Swedish Hunters’ Association, the Swedish Touring Club (STF), and MoKS – an umbrella organisation for music and culture associations.

Additionally, we also co-operate with numerous other non-governmental organisations (so called NGO’s) and we also have former experiences in EU cooperation projects.

We offer study circles (A study circle is a small group of at least three, though normally five to twelve participants including the circle leader, studying a specific subject or question of common interest), seminars and cultural events in a wide range of subjects such as culture, nature and environmental issues as well as parenthood, arts and crafts and outdoor education. Activities for young adults – especially rock music, role-playing and theatre – constitute the epitome of the study circles.

At the moment our organisation (study institute) has a permanent staff of seven (7) regular employees together with numerous freelance leaders.

For additional information about our organisation and staff, please visit: http://www.studieframjandet.se/



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