25th June 2016

Digital Timelines held its final multiplier event in Lancaster, with all partners present. The dissemination event was held at the Neuro drop-in centre , a local charity who have partners Lancaster and Morecambe College, and have provided many of the willing older people who have had PDMs made for them. The event which ran alongside the drop-in centres annual summer fate, was a great success with more than 100 people attending, many spending a good time learning about and obtaining further information about the Digital Timelines project




5th May 2016

Digital Timelines held its first Multiplier Event on Thursday 5th May at Izola in Slovenia. Hosted by ZDUS, this event saw more than 100 participants come along to listen to a conference featuring the Euro MP for Slovenia Mr  Ivo Vajgl,  two of the project partners, and other speakers with authority on dementia and memory loss. In the afternoon more than 40 participants attended a cascade workshop on how to make PDM videos.




The event was a great success The Digital Timelines partnership has been promoting and disseminating information about the project from day one. 

Below are some of the dissemination activities which have taken place:


4th February 2016. David Evans of DHE Solutions, presents the project to 35 attendees at a memory clinic run by Alzheimer's UK