ZDUS is a NGO, organized as umbrella organization of 503 local associations of pensioners, including over 233.000 members all over Slovenia. It was established in 1946.

Objectives: active, productive and creative life of older people as long as possible, recognition of the potential of knowledge and experiences of older people as contribution to the whole society.

Activities: promotion of health, various sport, recreational, travel, cultural and social activities in local communities, advocacy for the needs of older people, supporting intergenerational collaboration, self-help activities among older people, active ageing and lifelong learning.

In this project ZDUS is in charge of the initial research - international comparison, based on national contributions from project partners, of state of the art with regards to dementia, about initiatives and digital based practical solutions available to help people with dementia. ZDUS is also involed in other project activities.

web: www.zdus-zveza.si




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