Example Videos (PDM)s are crucial in order to allow the person with memory loss and their carers to decide whether they too would like a PDM.

We have already developed nine example videos, which have been uploaded onto The Digital Timelines YouTube channel.

Accompanying each example film is an explanatory text which details the context and the technical detail of the PDM.  Please read the text before watching the films. 

Click the link to watch the examples:


PDM Title Explanatory Text Language Partner Information
Keeping dad in the present Keeping Dad in the present text.docx English DHE Solutions UK Partner
Dads journal sample Dad's Journal.docx Turkish GYSD Turkish Partner
Jack's Saturdays Saturdays PDM profile for Jack.docx English L&M College UK Partner
A game of Yahtzee PDM - A Game of Yahtzee.docx Swedish StudieFramjandet Swedish Partner
Jane's journey to work Jane's Journey PDM profile .docx English L&M College UK Partner
Moj spominski album  SLO test memory film - comments.doc Slovene ZDUS Slovenian Partner
Catela   Romanian EuroEd Romanian Partner
Roy's Jokes Roy's Jokes.docx English DHE Solutions UK Partner
Roy's Hest Bank Roy's Hest Bank.docx English DHE Solutions UK Partner