The following training materials have been developed by the project to help you develop your own personal digital memory (PDM)

They include two versions of the training course. A comprehensive 15 page guide and a 3 page easy step guide

as well as support materials including a facial expression coding system recording sheet.

You can download all of these documents for free here: 


Document title  English version  Turkish  Slovene  Swedish Romanian
Easy step guide to making a PDM   English.docx Easy Step guide (Turkish) Easy Step guide(Slovene) Easy Step guide (Swedish)  Easy Step guide (Romanian)
Comprehensive guide  English.pdf Comprehensive guide (Turkish) Comprehensive guide (Slovene)  Comprehensive guide (Swedish)  Comprehensive guide (Romanian)

Facial Expression Coding System Recording Sheet            

 English.docx         Facial Expression (Turkish) Facial Expression (Slovene)